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Day 1: Depart Longyearbyen


Before you step onboard your expedition ship, learn about the earliest polar bear expeditions at the North Pole Expedition Museum. In the afternoon, enjoy a visit to the Svalbard Brewery for a tasting session and an opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers. 


Day 2: Longyearbyen & Barentsburg 


Enjoy a day of viewing architecture, mingling with the locals, and museum hopping. A guided afternoon visit to the stunning Svalbard Museum will help you better understand the biodiversity in the Arctic and how the local Russian culture is connected to the landscape. Board your ship bound for the Russian village of Barentsburg. Spend the evening chatting up your fellow adventurers in a traditional Russian pub.

Arctic Circle Cruise


Fly to the edge of the world, and be swept away on a voyage to the land of the midnight sun. The Arctic Circle has long captured the imaginations of the world’s greatest explorers. This heart-stopping, 6-day expedition will introduce you to extraordinary glacial landscapes, towering fjords, historic Russian settlements and culture, and a staggering collection of species that call this biodiverse part of the world home. 

Day 3: Magdalenefjorden & Northwest Corner 


Watch that cellphone signal disappear as you sail into a technical ‘dead zone.’ Take in views of the spectacular Magdalenefjord, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife on land and in the sea. If the weather cooperates, we may make landfall and explore a 17th-century whaling station, cemetery, and memorial to lost whalers.

Day 4: Woodfjorden, Liefdefjorden, Moffen & 80° North


Take a morning hike across stunning tundra landscapes. Get up close to some of the most resilient plant species on earth, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like Arctic fox, elk, and soaring kittiwakes. Weather dependent, we’ll sail to 80° North which is a mere 600 nautical miles from the North Pole. It’s here we are the sun is visible for 24 hours per day. 


Day 5: Kongsfjorden & Ny-Ålesund


We cut the engine noise and silently sail between Kongsvegen and the gargantuan Kongsbreen, two massive glaciers that form the mouth of the Kongsfjorden, the largest fjord on the Northwest coast of Spitsbergen. We take a tundra hike, and then later, visit Ny-Ålesund at 78º 55’ N, the world’s northernmost year-round community. 


Day 6: Arrive back in Longyearbyen


Disembark and catch your flight back to Oslo for an extended stay in Norway, or head home to tell your friends and family about your transformative trip.



  • Visit the North Pole Expedition Museum and learn about early polar bear expeditions 

  • Learn about Russian Arctic culture & explore settlements

  • Enjoy complete digital disconnection and take in stunning views of Magdalenefjord

  • Wildlife safari in Liefdefjorden - Watch for polar bears, over 280 species of bird and beluga, narwhal, and bowhead whales

  • Tundra trekking in Kongsfjorden, the largest fjord on the Northwest coast of Spitsbergen and memorial to lost whalers

Arctic Circle Cruise - Itinerary
Costa Rica - Itinerary

Costa Rica 


Escape to Costa Rica’s lush cloud forests, tropical beaches, complete with enough secluded surf spots to enjoy your solitude. As one of the world’s premier eco destinations, this itinerary includes two nights 7,000 feet above sea level in the Savegre Valley. Head to the beach for endless surf sessions, jungle treks, and a boat tour through mangrove swamps. Relaxation, tranquility, and adventure await.



Day 1: Arrive San Jose 


After collecting your bags and clearing customs, you will be met by our local representative who will escort you on the two-hour drive up into the San Gerardo Cloud Forest to your picturesque retreat. 


Day 2: San Gerardo Cloud Forest 


Enjoy a full day of rest and relaxation at the Trogon Lodge. Located on a beautiful family farm, and surrounded by nature trails, you may want to spend your morning exploring, photographing the abundant birdlife, or lounging about the lodge, enjoying a digital detox.  


Day 3: Dominical 


Descend out of the cloud forest and enjoy a short drive to the coast for a proper play in the surf. The small beach town of Dominical is the perfect home base to surf, snorkel, and go whale watching. Perched on the edge of the Corcovado National park, this stop strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and thrilling adventure.  

Day 4: Dominical 


Corcovado National Park is the star of the show here, with its unimaginable biodiversity. A haven for dendrophiles, the park is home to some 500 species of tree.  Hike through jolillo palm forests, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the endangered Red-backed squirrel monkey.

Take a cruise through mangrove-filled inlets, and watch as tropical fish and bright tropical reefs line the ocean floor. Private lunch on a desolate beach is the perfect way to catch your breath and enjoy your lush surroundings.


Day 5 Arrive at Manuel Antonio 

Travel north today, for an idyllic beach experience. Tropical rainforests surround this charming oceanside village and offer plenty of trekking opportunities for those who want to spend their time in nature. The beach here is calm and perfect for first-time surfers. 

Day 6: Manuel Antonio 

Grab your camera and set out on a boat tour to Isla Damas, a 25-minute ride from Manuel Antonio. This overwater safari will put Costa Rica’s most spectacular species front and center: Boa constrictors, sloths, white-faced monkeys, crocodiles, and caymans are just a handful of the fauna your guide will show you. 


Day 7: Manuel Antonio 


Spend your last day soaking up some sun, or up in the rainforest looking for those elusive species you’ve yet to find. If you need a last-minute thrill, take an ATV tour or go on a chocolate and spice tasting tour of a local plantation.


Day 8: San Jose 


Transfer to San Jose airport to catch your flight home.



  • 2 Night Stay in Cloud Forest 

  • Isla Damas Boat Tour

  • Corcovado National Park Tour

  • Whale & Dolphin Watching Opportunities

  • Boat tour of Isla Damas

Galapagos & Inca Kingdoms - Itinery


Day 1: Arrive Guayaquil, Ecuador 


Upon arrival in Guayaquil, transfer to your hotel. 


Day 2: Guayaquil to Galápagos Islands


Catch a flight to the Galápagos Islands and step onboard your expedition ship. After you get settled onboard and enjoy your first onboard lunch with fellow travelers, we begin to explore the islands and begin our unforgettable wildlife safari. 

Day 3 - 8: Galápagos Islands


Spend the next five days cruising and exploring the following islands: Isabela, Fernandina, North Seymour, Floreana, Española, Bartolomé, Genovesa, and others. Each island is known for unique species, endemic to that region, and be sure to have your camera ready for those unforgettable animal encounters. *It’s important to note, as we are in a permit-only area and our itineraries are subject to regulations put in place by Galápagos National Park, we may have to move our stops around to ensure we are adhering to island restrictions. 

Galapagos &

Inca Kingdoms


Nature meets antiquity on this once-in-a-lifetime itinerary that combines a Galapagos Cruise with an immersive tour experience wandering through the Incan Empire’s greatest treasures. This grand tour takes you to the heart of cosmopolitan cities such as Cusco and Lima then whisks you away to the mountains to learn about myths, legends, and lore surrounding the Incan peoples. A National Geographic expert shares unique insights on various archaeological sites and offers a more intimate viewing experience. This itinerary highlights the most exciting, and interesting aspects of Ecuador and Peru. 

Day 9: Depart for Lima, Peru 


Our Galápagos has come to an end, but our Peruvian journey is just beginning as we fly from Guayaquil to Lima today. We spend the night at a convenient and comfortable airport hotel. 


Day 10: Depart for Cusco 


We soar over the Andes this morning on our flight from Lima to Cusco. A picturesque drive to the Incan site of Morray takes us through the picturesque Urubamba Valley on the way. After lunch, we check into our hotel for the next two nights. 


Day 11: Sacred Valley of the Inca 


Travel back in time to an era of opulent Incan kingdoms as you explore the myriad archaeological sites throughout the Sacred Valley. A National Geographic expert will escort you through these sites, share a fascinating lecture back at the hotel, and travels with us to the expansive Ollantaytambo site. Lunch is hosted by a local family-owned hacienda and we have the honor and privilege of viewing an Incan weaving demonstration. 


Day 12: Sacred Valley &  Machu Picchu


Today takes us on a spectacular train journey to the World UNESCO Heritage Site and jewel of Peru, Machu Picchu. We check-in to our award-winning boutique hotel, which happens to be located adjacent to the stunning royal palace, meaning we get to the site to ourselves long after tour groups have emptied out. We spend two nights here, doing a deep dive on this suite. 


Day 13: Machu Picchu & Cusco


After an early breakfast, we make our way to the famous Sun Gate, the final point on the great Incan Trail. After lunch, we make our way to Cusco and check into our centrally located hotel for the next two nights. 


Day 14: Cusco 


Today we wander through beautiful Cusco, stopping at places like the Temple of the Sun, the Plaza de Armas, and various other 17th-century buildings of note. The rest of the days is yours to shop, visit churches and museums and find an amazing dinner spot. 


Day 15:  Lima 


We make our way be to Lima this morning and take a walk around the Plaza Mayor. Enjoy a private lunch and celebrate the end of your trip with your new friends. Next, we take a stroll to the Larco Museum, a pre-Columbian art museum. We check into our final hotel and set out to enjoy Lima’s famous promenade.


Day 16 - Take a transfer to the airport to head home and if you’re extending your trip, catch your flight to Iquitos and the Amazon. 



  • Cruise the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and home to more than 56 species (27 of which are only found there)

  • Take a stunning train journey to Machu Pichu

  • Private tour of Macchu Pichu with a National Geographic Expert 

  • Local weaving demonstration and privately hosted lunches 

  • Walking tour of historic Cusco 

  • Experience the culinary capital of Lima 

Rwanda & Uganda


Day 1: Arrive in Entebbe 


Transfer to your hotel for the evening. Get freshened up, get adjusted to the time difference, and enjoy a carefully curated on-site menu so you never have to leave the hotel. 


Day 2: Kibale National Park 


We make our way to picturesque scenes of African pastoralism, to Kibale National Park. The six-hour drive takes us to the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains where we check into your lodge for the night.


Day 3: Kibale National Forest 


After breakfast, we head into the forest in search of the most iconic of the 13 primate species that call this region home. Chimpanzees make their home in Kibale and while sightings are not guaranteed, the chances of seeing them here are higher than anywhere else in Africa. We enjoy a traditional Ugandan lunch and finish out the day trekking through the Bigodi Swamp to view the impressive array of wildlife.

Rwanda & Uganda


Go in search of wild chimpanzees, sit with gorilla families, and witness Africa’s most majestic species roam across dreamy landscapes. This nature-intensive itinerary takes you to the heart of Uganda and Rwanda’s Bwindi National National Park and Kibale National Forest. Privately chartered flights will bring to some of the most exclusive luxury lodges on the continent, and game drives are plentiful. Intimate exchanges with local tribe members provide insight into the delicate relationship between Indigenous people and their environment. This enriching itinerary is the perfect balance between natural Africa and her people. 

Day 4: Kibale & Bwindi National National Park 


You’ll catch a flight to Kisoro this morning and are brought to your lodge for the morning. In the afternoon, you’ll have the honor and privilege of having an immersive experience with the Batwa, Central Africa’s oldest ethnic group. A Batwa guide takes you and fellow travelers into the forest to give us an education on naturopathic medicine, gathering, hunting, and shares insight into the unique relationship between their people and the forest. 

Day 5: Bwindi Forest National Park 


This will be one of the most eye-opening highlights of the tour with a ‘Gorilla Habituation’ experience. Unlike other gorilla experiences, there are only four participants permitted to be next to the family at any one time, and you can stay for up to four hours! Most other tour operators only have permits for a one-hour visit. 


Day 6: Bwindi Forest National Park


Today is an optional day of rest. Spend the day getting some respite at the lodge or head out for another gorilla habituation experience - we suggest getting out there again, you never know what you’re going to see! But prepared, treks can be as long as six hours, climbing to some 7,500 feet.


Day 7: Nairobi 


Today is a travel-intensive day. Drive to Kisoro, catch a flight back to Entebbe snag lunch, and hit the skies for Nairobi. 


Day 8: Tana Delta Conservancy 


Transfer to Wilson Airport for your private charter flight to Tana Delta Conservancy. We check into our luxury hideaway overlooking the Indian Ocean and enjoy the only lodge in Eastern Africa that has its own 67km long private beach. 


Day 9 & 10: Tana Delta Conservancy


Take a private charter flight to Tsavo where you will be whisked away to your camp, with views overlooking the 12,000-acre Mbulia Conservancy. Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen off in the distance. Here you’ll have access to both Tsavo West and East National Parks, with game drives providing access to the largest elephant population in Africa. 


Day 12: Mbulia Conservancy - Tsavo National Park 


Spend the day getting acquainted with the lodge, the fresh, local Kenyan served here daily, and the local Taita people. A former poacher visits the lodge to educate guests on conservation, discuss his past life, survival, and how to track animals as those did generations before him. 


Day 13: Masai Mara Game Reserve & Olderkesi Conservancy 


Time to hit the skies again on your private charter to the Masai Mara, home of the Olderkesi Conservancy, 8,000 acres of pristine and privately held woodlands. Straddling the border of the Masai Mara and Serengeti parks, your lodge stay includes daily (and nightly) game drives, soothing swimming holes, and guided bushwalks. 


Day 14 & 15: Olderkesi Conservancy 


The next couple of days are spent at your leisure, soaking up all the surrounding Olderksei Conservancy has to offer. Lounge on your private patio with a glass of wine, and watch for wandering wildebeest, buffalo cheetah. This area is also home to the largest pack of wild dogs in the Mara. Unwind and enjoy your last few days overlooking some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on earth. 


Day 16: Nairobi 


Get those last few snapshots in on a final morning game drive before you transfer to the airstrip to board your flight to Nairobi. Transfer to your hotel for the afternoon and early evening. Catch your flight home and start re-living all of the amazing memories you’ve made in Africa. 



  • Witness and engage with chimpanzees in the wild on a Chimp Trek

  • Have a gorilla encounter, learn about family dynamics and watch them interact with each other

  • Listen to a former poacher discuss bush survival, traditions, and life with the Indigenous Taita people

  • Private game viewing in the Masai Mara in a custom-built 4x4 safari vehicle

  • Luxury hideaways and well-appointed lodges for convenience and comfort

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