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Exploring Alaska Expedition Style

There are so many different ways to see Alaska but I highly recommend a small ship expedition. This expedition is truly designed for the curious explorers who want to immerse into the Alaskan Wilderness covering a large area in a short time period. I hosted a group in August 2022 on a sailing aboard the Sea Bird and wow! What an amazing experience we shared!

Check out this list of things we experienced and watch the 16 minute video below to get a sense of the awe and wonder we were able to experience!

✅ Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding

✅ Bears

✅ Glacier viewing by Land, Sea & Air

✅ Eagles

✅ Hiking

✅ Fly Fishing

✅ Biking

✅ Flight Seeing

✅ Friendships Built

✅ Kayaking with Icebergs

✅ Seals & Sea Lions

Alaska is just one of many worldwide destinations that you can explore expedition style. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure!



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Where to next?

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Cindy Jorgenson

Hi Fellow Globetrotters, my name is Cindy Jorgenson, and I am the founder & CEO of Synergistic Travels. 

I wanted others to travel not just to experience the world, but travel to glean life lessons, and bring back a fresh perspective. Traveling can shine a spotlight on the work-life balance disparity that plagues us, remind us of what’s important and create synergy.  

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