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Gorilla Trekking: Casual Conversations

Gorilla trekking is certainly one of the most incredible wildlife encounters on this planet. The tiny babies clingy to their mothers, the massive silverback keeping a watchful eye over his family, and don't even get me started about the rambunctious teenagers reeking havoc all over the place; it is difficult to put into words just how incredible the experience is. But we are going to try.

Because I get so many questions around the topic, Gorilla Trekking inspired me to start a new series: Casual Conversations; where I have a casual conversation (see what I did there - creative name, right?!?!?) with clients who share their recent travel experience.

When I say casual, I mean casual. This isn't a big stage production (yes, I know I need to change some Zoom recording settings, fix some lighting, etc) and the photos and videos you see are from an iPhone. What this truly is, is the firsthand, authentic, totally unscripted travelers perspective of gorilla trekking. What better way to learn more and get some questions answered!

Our client/friend Naomi shares with us her favorite photos, videos and memories from her recent travels to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda where she spent 2 days with these majestic creatures. We talk candidly about many topics:

  • Traveling to Bwindi

  • Trek difficulty

  • Accommodations

  • Guides, porters and supporting the community

  • Comfort & service levels

  • Conservation tourism & choosing to spend your dollars wisely

  • Gorilla farts

Take a look below and tell us what you think!

I started this agency for two reasons:

  1. Insprire people to see the world

  2. Make it really easy for them to see the world

I hope this new series helps do just that! To start planning your gorilla trek, send me an email at


At Synergistic Travels, we design itineraries for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and curious explorers, eager to travel to the furthest reaches of the globe.



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Cindy Jorgenson

Hi Fellow Globetrotters, my name is Cindy Jorgenson, and I am the founder & CEO of Synergistic Travels. 

I wanted others to travel not just to experience the world, but travel to glean life lessons, and bring back a fresh perspective. Traveling can shine a spotlight on the work-life balance disparity that plagues us, remind us of what’s important and create synergy.  

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